~Super pugs go to world war |||~with snake {Ceaser’s veiw}.

HOWWO now it is the time you have been waiting for we go to war, we have all 200 pugs lined up with there armor and weapons it is going to take a while to get every one out and into the war. So we are ready for war and we are just waiting for the right time to charge, wait a minute we haven’t even told you why or who we are fighting we are fighting the kitties who seemed to always get the best seats in the house and the best stuff and we are all tired of that.  SO LET’S GO AND FIGHT, PUGS! YA YA YA YA YA. Ok are we all ready pugs? yes! ok let’s go then. It has been a long walk but we are almost at the kitty bunker so we haft to be quiet. guys get the missles out and shoot the kitty bunker. Ok. BOOM BOOM KPOWEY LET IT RIP!!! peiw peiw peiw, GET THE MELLOW GUN!! peiw splat peiw splat meow MEOW  MEEOOW  oh. no. They are getting to rage mode, TAKE COVER! MEOWWWW! OOF WE HAVE A MAN DOWN WE NEED THE DOC’S QUICK STILL FIGHT peiw peiw peiw peiw splat peiw splat, I think we one I think we one I THINK WE ONE YAAA CELBRATION TIME COME ON. Now we will show you the celbration in the next book! bye!


IS A CAR NAME, LOL! And it is my name and it is in AUSTRALIA, if you did not know Australia is my project I have to research abot is so this is something I could write about! This is just a blog to tell you this I though is was interasting. So bye.

Ø ^ Æ ~Super Pugs go to world war ||| wth snake ~ Æ ^ Ø {Ceaser’s view}

Time to get ready for war. Our armor, we’re going to the store. We are going to joe’s armory to get our armor for the first place. time to drive there. it is only 60 miles away {2 hours}



Oh no we drove a little more.


Ya did not think about that did you.


I did not think so.

Oh we are 1 minute away! YAY

1 minute later…

get your armor 50 % off!

ok we are here.

okay I am going to buy the most expensive one!

I want that one.

we cant afford it.

yes we can

No. we. cant!

YES WE CAN {buys the whole store}



“WHY would I care when you are extreamley rich and 13 years old and I am 1” said hank.

“We need some more money because you spent it all”

Well war will get us some money.

Ok I gess.


Oh no.

Well we will have to deal with it.

Oh I have a idiea. what said Ceaser, we can sell the store but we need to keep 200 pices for the other pugs. Ok.

Well we got all of the stuff here it is! like it tis is for all of the pugs!

We will do the fighting in a nother book if that is ok. so bye!



One Sunday my owners {Holden and Piper}, were taking me for a walk at 8:00 pm with my brother Hank.  It is his birthday so that is his late present. So it is 8:00’o clock, we are getting ready for the walk.  We are so excited. We are on the sidewalk right now and it is cold and fun! Right when we were about to go back to our cozy home, the sky starting turning dark.  Then we heard a big BOOM! And then we started to bark! BARK! BARK! We started to run home.  We were not that far so we were already home! We waited for our owners to give us some dog cookies and fresh water. He also gave us some peanut butter cookies. We laid down by the fire and we made a really cozy fort.  It was so cool! We slept until morning, it was a good night’s sleep. We woke up to the smell of bread and eggs so me and Hank raced for the breakfast. We ate the yummy food. We had a lot food and fun! Our owners would have give us bacon and eggs but bacon is not that good for us. We laid in the sun and fell asleep and almost through lunch! Well, that is the life of a pug!


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