State Connecticut

Moto: Qui transtulit sustinet- “He who is transplanted still sustains”

Nickname-Constitution State


Populatin-3.5 million

Size- 5,543 miles

REGION-North East, New England

Date Of statehood-January 9th-1788

Major land forms-Forrest, river, mouantas and beaches.

Major industries – finance, insurance, real estate

Agricultural products- vegetbles, dairy, nursery and tobacco

Major Exports-corn, wheat, soybean, oils

MORE WOULD YOU RATHER! (I could not think of a lot more but more is coming!)

WOULD YOU RATHER be in the titanic (if it did not sink) or be in a yacht?

WOULD YOU RATHER live in Florida or live in Antarctica?

WOULD YOU RATHER be named Jim Jim or Ben?

WOULD YOU RATHER be able to run as fast as a car or be able to lift a car?

WOULD YOU RATHER have a iPhone or Android?

WOULD YOU RATHER walk at the beach or walk at Central Park?

WOULD YOU RATHER do your own would you rather!


WOULD YOU RATHER go up and down the stairs 100 times or sleep out side without a tent when it is really cold?

WOULD YOU RATHER run a mile or can’t get off a chair for 1 hour?

WOULD YOU RATHER only speak Spanish or speak in music lyrics only?

WOULD YOU RATHER be rich but be really sad or be poor and be really happy?

WOULD YOU RATHER climb a skinny tree with a rushing river under you or be in a boat on the river with no oars?

WOULD YOU RATHER have a pet snake or a pet snapping turtle?

WOULD YOU RATHER be The Flash or Spider Man?

WOULD YOU RATHER be home schooled or be at school?

WOULD YOU RATHER not have a pool and go to the beach every day or never go to the beach and have a pool?

WOULD YOU RATHER watch Sponge Bob or watch Teen Titans?

WOULD YOU RATHER have a tornado hit or a hurricane hit?

WOULD YOU RATHER get paid to go to school or not have school and still be educated?

WOULD YOU RATHER have a GIANT back yard or have a GIANT front yard?

WOULD YOU RATHER do soccer or basketball?

WOULD YOU RATHER ride a skate bord or use roller skates?

WOULD YOU RATHER not have WIFI or not have internet?

WOULD YOU RATHER have a old fashon house or have a modern house?

WOULD YOU RATHER never read again or never take a picture or a video?

area 51 escape ~pt 2~

I know a lot of facts about the moon. We are trapped and have to escape but, we don’t know how. The aliens put our team in this high security cell, that has guards at every opening. I was talking to my team and we tried to think of ways to escape but had no idea of how. Then Patricia had an idea. It was to get a metal bar from our bed and strike the force field like tuning fork.

I asked “How are we going to get the guards out of the way while they are on night patroll?”

“I think the vibration from the bar will be at such a high pitch that the alien’s large brains will not be able to handle the sound.  They will pass out” Patricia said.

The guard fell down and his keys made the door short circuit, so we went to the main office while everyone was helping the man who fell down. As we went to the main office, we started to open the gates and run away but, the alarm went off.   We ran as fast as we could! The guards went to the door to block it but, we made a lot of noise at the another door so they went there instead. We snuck past the guards and finally escaped.

Super Weather

Super weather can be anything from mild to very dangerous! Rain combined with ice, moist air or winds can be deadly. As recent as 100 years ago, meteorologists were unable to predict when or where storms were to hit. Today with the help of technology like doppler radar, satellites and radiosonde attached to weather balloons, predictions are more accurate.

As I sit in my chair and look out the window, I see rain drops stuck to the screen, down the street I see a tornado coming. The huge funnel of wind looks to be carrying cars and other objects. It’s powerful gusts easily moves a car and picks up trees from the ground. The speed of the leaves flying off the trees makes me think the winds must be at least 150 miles per hour! I don’t know where to hide! The only safe places are the basement or the closets, I think I’ll choose the basement.

Thankfully the tornado passed but, on this warm summer day as the sun starts to go down and the sky gets really dark, I hear sounds in the distance. Another 5 seconds later I hear it again. I realize it is thunder! Based on what I learned in school it was 5 miles away. According to Wikipedia lightning is made by warm air circling with electro-magnetic fields. The air felt warmer than earlier. I open my window again and watch the thunder and lightning storm in the sky. I really enjoyed watching it!

Suddenly, I felt the air growing colder and then it started to rain. The rain was hard. I thought to myself, “What is that?” Then I remembered, it’s hail! Oh, I remember that I learned about hail storms in school. I know that they can be very dangerous or very mild. I also learned that there are over 5,000 each year in the U.S.A! Here I am, watching a thunder storm as the hail chunks are getting tossed around, I think, “This is quite cool!” It was a heck of a day watching what I had learned in school come to life!

Rabbit King In New Hampshire

This Easter I got a pair of bunny ears. After the Easter egg hunt, I sat in the sun with all of the Easter eggs I had found, wearing my bunny ears. In the bushes I saw movement. I looked back and there was a bunny waving. I looked back again and there were 100 bunnies. (it looked like that) They picked me up and they went to there hole and all of the bunnies said, “You are the biggest bunny we have ever seen!” I looked at myself and I was fine, then I remembered that I had on bunny ears. I did not take them off, I liked it in the bunny hole.

Anyway, the bunnies took me to there leader, and he said, “Us bunnies need your help. When one of our bunnies gets out of our holes, there was a fox camping out for them.”

The king bunny was showing me around and their hole was like a city. There were tunnels leading everywhere around North Hampton! Even the back of the school and downtown, EVERYWHERE! It was so cool!

I asked, “What am I going to eat?”

“Grass silly.” said the bunny king. I remembered that I had a couple of granola bars in my pocket. “But will you help us with the fox problem?” said the king.

“Yes”, I said. Everyone looked so happy. I started to make a trap for the fox problem. I put one of my granola bars on the ground so the fox would nibble on it, then I would release a string that was attached to a cage to drop it on the fox and  the fox would would be trapped!

area 51 escape.

“1900” I was working at area 51 and my team were searching for things like UFO (unidentified flying object) and then we found this thing.  We thought it was a UFO and we went on with UFO so we looked inside and there was this orb and it was metal and we could not touch it because it was pushing our hands away.  We tried to pick it up with a crane and that did not even work.  So we did not touch it. And I thought how was it so powerful and strong.  I wanted to research about it but I found nothing.  So then I thought that it was from aliens so I wanted to research about the moon.  I saw a moon base.  Then I saw more and I researched about dark side of the moon.  I thought, “I think there was two moons at once on Earth.  Then they crashed together.”

“That is what I think,” I said to my teammates.  Then my teammates and me started to research about it. We think that aliens live on the dark side of the moon. So we wanted to save up a lot of money for  rocket ship but we realized that we had enough money for it so we went to the moon! 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. BLAST OFF. we where looking around on the moon and aliens captured us! We were scared. look in the next book for the esacape!