Dear Australia,

Hello, Australia!

Our class is doing a project about countries and I am learning about Australia! I was just wondering if you guys could give me some facts in the comment section. Question #1 about the flag. Question #2 about land. Question #3 what animals are important to you? {or plants}. Question #4 what religion are you? Question #5 Just tell me some facts in the comments.

from, Holden thank you! πŸ˜ƒ. AUSTRALIA ROCKS!

~Super Pugs go to world war |||~ {Ceaser’s View} with Snake.

This is my View. Ceaser’s! from the first book. I would like to tell you some about my world it is not settled so we have to do something about it now. so we are going to war we need about 150 more pugs! pugs that went to the super pug academy we have fifty now but we need 150 more so we are going to do that so be back. … no luck so we are going to take a relaxing break with hank from the other book too. snake is going to go and look for some more pugs while me and hank play super pugs! we made the game!!! Are you proud of us? tell me now please!? ok not now. time to try to fly weee *runs into a tree* ouch. ok not going to do that but hank is doing a great job at flying. great job hank!!!. snake found 10 more pugs in Pug-opolis but me and hank found 20 yaaaa! We found a little puppy just one sadly. His name is Asher. He is a cute pug puppy! He has already graduated from his academy so he has a cape. Then he brought his 8 friends so we set off to get some pugs. we found some more now 70 to go! so I found a family of four and they wanted to join so I said yay. Then I saw a wealthy family and there where 14! they all went to the super pug academy surprising. Now 52 more to find! We needed more people quick so me Hank and Snake went out in the morning to find some more pugs that went to the super pug academy. we found about 12 more so 40 more to find quick math! So we went to go get a smoothie and after we would take a nap. And that is what is what we did! (Fyi if you want to hear Hank talk go to super pugs go to world war ||| hank’s view) back to the book. We are are looking for some more pugs that went to the super pug academy and snake found a family of 10 but some away so they are coming and that would be about 15 pugs for the whole family so that is 25 more to go!!! We where so exited that we went right back for looking for pugs then we found 5 more so that is 20 more! We where SO EXITED!!! then I just played with Hank and Snake then we went back to the pug hunting because we wanted to get it over with. so we found 3 and that is 17 more!!! we will just cut the story down till we just hit 17 more pugs. back to the story we found 17 more pugs it took a while now we are getting ready to fight. in the next book!.Β  bye.

I would like to go to China! ~and facts~.

I would go to China because I like pugs I don’t say that it is my fav animal I like all animals so back to the story. I am on the plane and I brought done done done NOTHING! so I will ask for help. I just arrived and I have got nothing so I can get out of the airport quickly. So the pugs are here so there are about 100 standing on me and I can’t breathe so this might be the end of me *cough cough* can you pugs help me survive *roff roff* (yes). So we need to build a shelter go get some sticks for me so I can build the house *roff roff* (we want to build) Ok I say so I sit back and relax but we are at China so I will go see the Great Wall of China while the pugs build the house off to the Great Wall of China. I made it! I am on top I am really scared it is high really really really high so I got down and diced to go and check on the pugs when I arrived I saw that the pugs built a mansion! It was huge! But before I go on I will tell you some facts! #1 Pugs come in 5 diffrint colors black, sliver, brown, apricot and tan all with black muzzle or mask. #2 Pugs origin is China. #3 Pugs absolutely LOVE CUDDLING! with there humans. Back to the story but i am going to end it here bye. back to the story. I am chilling in my mansion it is pritty cool! so ya I LOVE CHINA!!! Tell me in the comints what place to write about next! anything bye!.


Bloxberg *playing playing* Oh sorry dident see you there, I like this game called Bloxburg I was building my house I am a starter. But right off the bat I new that the dlivering job gets you the most so if you want money try that. Oh you did not know how to download the game you first have to download roblox because in roblox there is a lot of games in one game! One of the games is bloxberg ok back to the story not relly a story maby it is ok now back to the story. so I did finsh my house with some crimas decrashons and I am broke πŸ™

Soooo I started to work at the dliver place at pizza plaint where you get the most money. You can also get more jobs like fishing, log cutting, pizza delivery, pizza baker, bloxy burgers, hair salon, ice cream place, BFF supermarket, BFF supermarket stocker, mikes motors, janitor and miner! you can also role-play

I don’t know more so i am going to end it right there!

The FiRst THing ThaT COmEs To My MinD

The first thing that comes to my mind is A LINE————————–ok done the 2nd thing is EMOJIS πŸ‘»Β πŸΆΒ πŸ±Β πŸŒΆ DONE nice ok time for the NUMBER THREE! It is play dates do you like play dates?I do a lot you can do a lot with your friends. That is all the fourth is ironic “ironic” is where like a fire station burns down. Because you know that fire stations save fires but this time it burns down that is ironic. The 5th is pictures yay like it? tell me in the cominents but now we are on to the 6th one. It is I am going to end this book. there might be a part two if you want it so tell me in the commints.

HAPPY New Years!

It is finally January 1 after Christmas (January 3) but we all had some great toys a adults no just working but IT IS STILL CHRISTMAS (after) I don’t know where I am going in my story but we are supposed to be talking about New Years now we go to the ice cream store yummm you try good right oh we are here to celebrate New Year!

The book of talking but PART 2! πŸ“•of πŸ—£

Remember when I never knew what to write about, well it is going to happen again πŸ˜‰ I don’t know. now what do we talk about… Oh we can talk about first of all did you know my name it is holden if you read my book of talking part one. ok back to the story la la la la la la la oh I did not know you where reading this book I thout that it was annoing oh you said it was not annoing ok. Do you want to now something? You know that a thousand dollars has a k wich stands for thousand lets say I hadΒ  five thousand dollars it would look like 5k for short but this is what you where waiting for lets say I was playing a game that you could only have thousand lets say I had 0 dollars it would show 0k so you cave ok money ya that is it. Now what I WANT TO YELL OH I AM YAY! OK NOW THAT I AM YELLING I WILL TAKE THE TIME TO HAVE FUN OOH NO MY YELL IS RUNNINIG OUT NOOO (sigh) back to normale sadley now what oh hmmm mabey we can talk about my old book not old the book of talking number one I felt proud of it but I am going to feel proud of this book soon not that I am not proud I am now what just keep talking about the book of talking 1? I will just say shure because relly you can’t talk to me right now so ya there was a WAIT FIRST OF ALL DON’T READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ 1 ok there was a lot of yelling like a lot in that book and this book I will draw a picture of someone yelling. Ok is this good? hahaha you thout i was going draw a picture but I am going to stop.

HA HA HA.. … HA…. HA…..HA……HA…….HA……..HA……..HA

Hi this is a funny book it is funny just say it it does not need to be funny just say it please you can be sarcasic please I will show you something. like it? NO!? maybe this will make you laugh hold on one sec there! that ahh I new it you would like it. now what? tell me in the comments next time. But now we are going to look at some more! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha now we are done.