area 51 escape ~pt 2~

I know a lot of facts about the moon. We are trapped and have to escape but, we don’t know how. The aliens put our team in this high security cell, that has guards at every opening. I was talking to my team and we tried to think of ways to escape but had no idea of how. Then Patricia had an idea. It was to get a metal bar from our bed and strike the force field like tuning fork.

I asked “How are we going to get the guards out of the way while they are on night patroll?”

“I think the vibration from the bar will be at such a high pitch that the alien’s large brains will not be able to handle the sound.  They will pass out” Patricia said.

The guard fell down and his keys made the door short circuit, so we went to the main office while everyone was helping the man who fell down. As we went to the main office, we started to open the gates and run away but, the alarm went off.   We ran as fast as we could! The guards went to the door to block it but, we made a lot of noise at the another door so they went there instead. We snuck past the guards and finally escaped.

3 thoughts on “area 51 escape ~pt 2~”

  1. Hi Holden
    Thank you for continuing your Area 51 Escape. It was great thing in to know there would be sound waves in a security cell and that the alien brains wouldn’t be able to stand the vibrations. Now that you’ve escaped, how are you going to deal with the lack of atmosphere? Are you going to return, or do you still need conduct some experiments?

    I am looking forward to reading part 3 of your science fiction adventure.
    👽Mrs. Eaves
    (PS ~ I love how you have personalized your sidebar and background!)

  2. Great job Holden! I loved your story when Patricia said we should use a bar from the bed. It was very creative! I also loved when the alarm went off where they weren’t! Very creative, AMAZING blog post and I will have to read part one!

    Great work
    – Your friend, Sophie

  3. Wow Holden! You had me on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to read the next part. You are a very talented writer!
    Mrs. Nardone

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