Rabbit King In New Hampshire

This Easter I got a pair of bunny ears. After the Easter egg hunt, I sat in the sun with all of the Easter eggs I had found, wearing my bunny ears. In the bushes I saw movement. I looked back and there was a bunny waving. I looked back again and there were 100 bunnies. (it looked like that) They picked me up and they went to there hole and all of the bunnies said, “You are the biggest bunny we have ever seen!” I looked at myself and I was fine, then I remembered that I had on bunny ears. I did not take them off, I liked it in the bunny hole.

Anyway, the bunnies took me to there leader, and he said, “Us bunnies need your help. When one of our bunnies gets out of our holes, there was a fox camping out for them.”

The king bunny was showing me around and their hole was like a city. There were tunnels leading everywhere around North Hampton! Even the back of the school and downtown, EVERYWHERE! It was so cool!

I asked, “What am I going to eat?”

“Grass silly.” said the bunny king. I remembered that I had a couple of granola bars in my pocket. “But will you help us with the fox problem?” said the king.

“Yes”, I said. Everyone looked so happy. I started to make a trap for the fox problem. I put one of my granola bars on the ground so the fox would nibble on it, then I would release a string that was attached to a cage to drop it on the fox and  the fox would would be trapped!

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